Dr harshad Pandit 

Bsc, M.V.Sc 


              For National Health Misson

Rejuvenate Without medicine 

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             About Dr Harshad Pandit

Dr. Harshad Pandit is a retired veterinary doctor. He is 66 years old. Most of the retired people, start living a relaxed or homely life, as they have worked for years, and then they require rest. Dr. Pandit is not one of them. He is utilizing his post retirement time by servicing his mother-tongue – Gujarati. He has taken this mission on his hands, where he shares the message of “Primary Education should be in mother-tongue only, and not English medium.” So far, he has distributed total 1,26,000 booklets, which contains all requires information, questions, answers and reasoning proving why he is spreading the right message.

Believe it or not, but he has spent his own Rs. 4.5 lacs for this mission. And he says he is willing to spend more 4.5 lacs if that helps spread awareness in the society. He has been keenly observing those families whose children are studying in English medium. He says “Child goes to school at morning, goes for tuition at noon and does his homework at evening. His childhood is snatched away from him. Parents, mother and father, blame each other for the weakness of their child. Quarrel takes place. Tuition fees is real high, and even after that the school Principal calls upon them to school saying their child is weak in studies. The development of the child is killed this way, and his talent is snatched away. The hard work from both the parents and the child becomes useless. The child doesn’t know perfect English or mother-tongue, say Gujarati here. They remain weak in Mathematics and Science. I am not from the educational field, but I can’t bare seeing the hard work parents and children of my society becomes useless. It is of utter sadness that tomorrow’s citizens would be such children.”